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If you’re like the rest of us, it seems as if cold sores only appear when a big day or an important event is near. And if you suffer from cold sores, you know it can take several weeks to heal even with over the counter medications. However, with laser technology, your dentist may be able to offer a quick and painless solution.
At Family Dental Center, we offer laser treatment for cold sores with the use of a diode laser. The procedure takes only minutes and is non-evasive. It can be done by a dentist, dental assistant, or a hygienist so it is typically easy to squeeze the appointment into the schedule. The key to getting rid of the cold sore with laser treatment is catching it before it becomes a full-blown outbreak. It is recommended to call your dentist’s office when you feel a tingling or itching sensation just as the blister beings to form. The treatment is much less effective if the cold sore has become a big lesion.
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