A Crown in a Day?

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Conventional methods of placing single crowns usually require two appointments. During the first one, the dentist will usually prepare the tooth, get the information needed to make the final restoration and then put on a temporary restoration. A temporary that you may have to wear for up to 3 weeks or more.

With the new E4D Dentist System we can often provide you with a same day solution providing you more convenience and eliminating the waiting period.

If you qualify for an E4D crown we can prepare the tooth one day and usually place the crown later that day or the very next day.

What is the process?

  1. The Dentist will numb your mouth with anesthetic.
  2. Then the tooth will be prepared to accept the crown.
  3. Then an impression or a scan will be taken of the tooth in the mouth.
  4. The crown will be milled in-office and then fitted over the tooth.

These crowns can be prepared by the dentist in the patient mouth, scanned by the CAD/CAM fiber-optics technology. These scans are read and are formulated onto the computer screen. The computer initially generates a crown from the endless library of teeth and displays this on the screen. Then the crown can be modified by the dentist using the variety of different programs available. Once the crown has been modified and custom made electronically it is sent to a mill located on the premises and it is milled to the precise dimensions. The crown is taken out of the mill and stained and glazed in a porcelain oven. Finally, the crown is placed in the patient’s mouth with dental curing adhesives.

Question: Does it hurt?

Answer: It will feel the same as a normal crown preparation would be with the conventional crowns.

Question: How much does it cost?

Answer: In our office the cost is the same as a porcelain crown.

Question: Does my insurance cover it?

Answer: Yes it will cover the same as a traditional crown, insurance companies have accepted the quality of these restorations into their policies.


E4DE4D—Available for you!

You don’t have to travel far to experience the convenience and precision of E4D Dentistry. We’ve already invested in this innovative technology because we believe our patients deserve modern dentistry that fits their lifestyles.

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